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1. You are still using a regular old washcloth to wash your face because:

A.) It's all you have ever used

B.) You didn't know there was anything better

C.) You don't know the benefits of using a better washcloth to wash your face

If you answered YES to A, B, or C:

Like many of us, you may be a creature of habit and use the same standard washcloths to wash your face because it's what's you're used to. Your mom used them, and her mom used them, and plus, you always buy the matching washcloth with your new towel set. Doesn't everybody?

While there's nothing wrong with having your washcloths match your towels, there really is a better way to wash your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. It's amazing how much better your skin can look and feel all by making one small change in your skincare routine, and it all starts with your washcloth.

2. Your skin is prone to:

A.) Sensitivity

B.) Dryness
C.) Redness

D.) Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis or other conditions

E.) Oiliness, dryness, a combination of oily and dry 

If you answered YES to A-D, you could have sensitive skin. According to research sited in the ***International Journal of Dermatology,  46% of those surveyed responded as having sensitive or highly sensitive skin (skin that is dry, fair, highly reactive and with dermatological disorders).

Whether caused by hormone changes, environmental effects, product sensitivities, medical conditions or just plain genetics, sensitive skin needs extra gentle care. We believe that skincare is personal and that is why Fairface™ Washcloths are made specifically for those with sensitive skin to meet your individual sensitive skincare needs, the gentlest way know how.

If you answered YES to E, Using a clean, soft washcloth to cleanse your face every day should be an essential part of your routine. Using a soft washcloth can help with cleanser application and not only helps to gently remove the dead skin off the surface, without causing redness and irritation, but it also allows your cleansers, medications and moisturizers to penetrate more deeply, giving your skin their maximum benefits.

[***Source: Int J Dermatol. 2011 Aug;50(8):961-7. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-4632.2011.04884.x. Sensitive skin in the American population: prevalence, clinical data, and role of the dermatologist. Misery L1, Sibaud V, Merial-Kieny C, Taieb C.]

3. When you wash your face it looks and feels:

A.) Red and Irritated

B.) Clean but Sensitive

C.) Blotchy and Itchy

D.) Radiant and Calm

If you answered YES to D, you might already be using Fairface™ Washcloths! ♥ Our soothing, signature 100% cotton flannel leaves skin feeling clean, radiant and calm, free from the irritation and redness that harsh textures can cause. Just smooth softness for sensitive faces, as we always say.

If you answered YES to A, B, or C you are a great candidate for Fairface™ Washcloths! In order to rule out what's causing your red, irritated and/or itchy skin, first take a look at your skin care products. If your cleanser or moisturizer contains harsh chemicals, your face is probably having a reaction.  If possible, try non-soap products without perfumes or ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. 

Next step? Ditch that old scratchy washcloth! In order for your face to begin the healing process and stop the vicious cycle of redness and irritation,  you need to give your skin a break! Using a clean, soft cloth to wash your face will not only feel amazingly soothing, it will help give your skin time to calm and heal.  And as always, we recommend consulting with a licensed skin care professional to get the best advice about your individual skin care needs.

4. I want to use skincare products that:

A.) Are environmentally conscious
B.) Are safe to use on my skin
C.) Will be gentle but also clean my skin
D.) Will leave my skin looking and feeling great

If you answered YES to ANY OF THE ABOVE you are in the right place! Not only will your skin look and feel amazing as you use  Fairface™ Washcloths, you can also feel good about using a product that is safe for your skin and gentle to the environment.  The soothing 100% cotton fabrics of Fairface™ Washcloths are made to be washed and reused for many washes to come, so there is nothing to throw away. 

The one skin-care essential  you can't do without!

​"These washcloths are the only thing that works for my sensitive skin. My face used to hurt when I washed it, but these washcloths don't irritate my face like regular bathing washcloths. Try them once and you'll be hooked. I'm a customer for life!"​

  • Select your favorite Fairface Washcloths in sets of 6, 8, 10, 12 and more so you'll never run out!
  • Select from Fairface Duals, Delicates or Darks.
  • You choose the style & quantity you need.
  • Quick, easy, convenient.

Prices vary based on package quantity

  • The ultimate soft cloth for delicate, sensitive skin.
  • 2 layers of soft, soothing double-sided flannel, front and back.
  • Smooth & gentle, no harsh textures.
  • Comes in a standard 9"x9" size or our luxury 12"x12" size. 
  • Soft turned edges & satin tags. Nothing scratchy or irritating.
  • ​Use with your favorite cleanser.

Starting at just $18.99 for packages of 2+

  • Best dual-sided dual-purpose washcloth with a soft, soothing flannel front & absorbent terrycloth back for a little scrub if needed.
  • ​Known as the best all-in-one washcloth for sensitive skin.
  • Soft turned edges & satin tags. Nothing irritating or scratchy. 
  • Size 11"x11"
  • Use with your favorite cleanser.

Starting at just $13.99

FAIRFACE™ dual WASHCLOTHS *discontinued*

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 The best of both worlds


Choose from-

Fairface Dark Washcloths Sampler ($21.48):

(1) Double-sided, Black Flannel Washcloth. Size 9"x9"

(1) Double-sided, Black Flannel Washcloth. Size 12"x12"

​Fairface White Washcloths Sampler ($35.47):

(1) White Dual-sided Washcloth with a Flannel front + Terrycloth back. Size 11"x11" 

(1)  Double-sided, White Flannel Washcloth. Size 9"x9"

(1) Double-sided, White Flannel Washcloth. Size 12"x12"


Fairface Total Sampler ($56.95)

  1 of each, listed above = 5 Total



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 The ultimate soft, black face cloth​

Our best seller- Double-layers of plush soft flannel

Soft Dark washcloth make-up eraser

Our washcloths have been favorited by the beauty mavens over at Into the Gloss, the well-dressed man in Details magazine (now GQ), and Psoriasis.org as a must-have for sensitive skin. The question is, have you tried Fairface Washcloths? If not, what are you waiting for? 



​​Fairface™ Washcloths are a sensitive skin care essential and have brought soothing relief to those with Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne, and a variety of other sensitive skin conditions.

Our unique combination of soothing fabrics provides gentle cleansing, while keeping sensitive skin calm, without the additional redness and irritation regular washcloths can cause. You'll be amazed at how much better your skin feels and looks after using Fairface™ Washcloths' soothing washcloths!

Fairface™ Washcloths are made with only the highest quality imported 100% cotton flannel for a texture-free / irritant-free, gentle wash. No added cleansers or chemicals. No scratchy seams or edges. Just smooth softness for sensitive faces. The most gentle cleansing option for sensitive skin.

*Sorry, this item has been discontinued

Fairface best face cloths sample sets


  • Our ultimate soft black face cloth is made with 2 layers of plush, soothing black flannel.
  • Choose from our standard 9"x9" size or our luxury 12"x12 size.
  • Soft-turned edges & satin tags so nothing irritating or scratchy.
  • Use with your favorite cleanser.
  • ​No worries of dark product or make-up stains.
  • Nothing left behind but clean skin.

​Starting at just $18.99 for packages of 2+

*Shipping to US & Canada

**Canadian Customers please shop thru Etsy 

The Best Washcloths for Sensitive Skin♥


Always gentle, always soft for your baby's tender skin

Find your favorites!

Soft Baby Washcloths and reusable face wipes made with soft flannel - Fairface Washcloths

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Exclusively Fairface™


Popular Dual-sided soft & scrubby cloths

 Clear skin convenience



Fairface Dual Washcloths - our popular dual-sided cloth with a soft flannel front & scrubby terrycloth back. *discontinued*

Fairface Delicate Washcloths - our best seller with 2 plush layers of our soft, signature flannel front and back. *also see our new Fairface Baby Washcloths

Fairface Darks Washcloths - the ultimate black flannel facecloths with 2 layers of thick, soft black flannel. No make-up stains left behind.

Are you ready for your sensitive skin to finally
L O O K  &  F E E L  B E T T E R?

 ​​Our signature, soft flannel cloths can 
T R A N S F O R M  Y O U R  S K I N 
from red and irritated to clean and calm 

​​You have 

N E V E R  F E L T  A N Y T H I N G  B E T T E R
against your skin

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Baby Washcloth Sets

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Not sure which washcloth to use?

Try one of our

NEW Fairface Sampler sets to try each of our washcloths!

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  • The ultimate soft washcloths for your baby's delicate skin.
  • 2 layers of soft, soothing double-sided flannel, front and back.
  • Smooth & gentle, no harsh textures.
  • Comes in a standard 9"x9" size. 
  • Soft turned edges & satin tags. Nothing scratchy or irritating.
  • ​Use with baby's gentle bath wash.

Sets of 2+ starting at just $18.99

Combo Sets allow you to get the best of both worlds:

Fairface Duals with our soft flannel front and terrycloth back


Fairface Delicates with 2 layers and 2 sides of plush, soft flannel in one perfect package. 

Combo sets make great starter packages to see which cloths you love the most! 

​Starting at just $23.48 for sets of 2+