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The Best Washcloths for Sensitive Skin♥

Here at Fairface, we recognize and celebrate the individual beauty of men and women everywhere.  Fairface Washcloths grace the faces of beautiful people, of all colors, races and backgrounds, across the globe. 

The "Fair" in Fairface does not stand for "fair skin" as it might imply. 

Our definition of "Fair" refers to the Nature of Skin, being "more fair than most", meaning, skin that is: "in need of more care, more prone to sensitivity, more easily swayed by the elements, more susceptible to being harmed, more likely to be reactive, in need of more protection. Fair, as in more tender, more vulnerable, and in need of gentle care."

Simply said, our name, Fairface Washcloths, is not in reference to skin color. Fairface is about embracing individual beauty and protecting the vulnerability of your skin."(
-Shannon Sorensen, Founder and CEO, Fairface Washcloths for sensitive skin

I recognize that I haven't done the best job at representing who our washcloths are for. Sensitive skin is not selective and neither are we. Skin sensitivity can affect anyone, at any time of life and making products that soothe all sensitive skin has been our goal from the beginning. 

Thank you for being amazing customers and for trusting us to be part of your skin care routine. That is a big deal to us and we really appreciate you!

With lots of love and gratitude,

Shannon Sorensen
CEO, Founder Fairface Washcloths for sensitive skin

We realize we haven't done a great job at representing who our washcloths are for and we'd like to clear up a common misconception.

We are the makers of Soft Washcloths for Sensitive Skin and although "Fairface" may imply our cloths are just for those with "fair skin", that is not the case.

Fairface Washcloths Mission and Values
Embrace your individual beauty and protect the vulnerability of your skin - Fairface Washcloths
Sensitive Skin is not selective and neither are we. Fairface Washcloths Mission and Values