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Skin Type: Fair, Sensitive, Rosacea

Why Fairface Washcloths: I LOVE the Fairface Washcloths! When wet they are so soft and smooth. I'm 63 and hadn't used a washcloth since childhood. They were all too abrasive for me. I always used my hands or in the last several years, a Clarisonic. Even with the most delicate brush my Clarisonic was too harsh so I stopped using it. I read about your products on a Rosacea blog and decided to give it a try. I'm very happy I did! The washcloths provide the most delicate, mild exfoliation! 

Skin Care Concerns: I have very fair, sensitive skin and, unfortunately, in the last 6 months I've developed Rosacea. The breakout kind. I've always had good skin my whole adult life and was very upset with this new skin condition, especially after I found out there was no cure. My skin is much, much worse than it ever was in my teenage years. 

Other Favorite Skin Care Products: I'm currently using the Rosacea Care line (Ultra Gentle Cleanser, Night Cream, Moisturizer, sometimes their Calming Cream (although I don't like it's smell) and un-tinted sunscreen) plus an organic soap containing sea buckthorn oil, which is supposed to be good for my condition. They are not perfect but I'm managing.
Their sunscreen drags on my skin but I use it anyway. I'm still searching for a better sunscreen. They also have a Vita Oil I've read a lot of good things about and am going to try this winter. This line dramatically settled down my inflammation after a couple days and started my skin healing. Now my future breakouts are mild. 

Other tips for managing Rosacea: I tried so many products and they only made my skin worse. I'm thankful for finding Rosacea Care but I'm still on the search for better products plus a suitable makeup line recommended for Rosacea. My dermatologist wanted to put me on antibiotics but  I didn't want to go that route. So I deal with it myself, watching common triggers like sunlight, spicy foods, alcohol, etc. and my new skincare regimen. Thankfully, it seems to be working so far. 

Thanks for making such great products! Your washcloths have been very helpful for me!

Best regards,

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Personal Skin care: olga from new york

Personal Skin care: margot from california

Skin Type: My skin is oily. And last 2 years my skin became very sensitive. I have Rosacea. When I have inflammation it looks really horrible. 

Why Fairface Washcloths: Your washcloths are fantastic! It doesn't irritate my skin. It super soft!!! I really enjoy using it!

Favorite Cleanser & Moisturizer: I changed a lot of products from the market to handmade products. I stopped using any market product and I am beginning to do my own cream, masks and cleanser. Also shampoo and conditioner etc.

Other Favorite Skin Care Products: I really like Ayurvedic products. You can find ones on Etsy. I used to buy from Ayurvedic delight shop. It's in my favorite shop list you can find. Now I am trying products from Organic crime. 

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Skin Type: Sensitive Skin and Acne

What you like about Fairface Washcloths:  I love your washcloths. The softness of the cloths allows me to wash my face 2-3 times a day without hurting my sensitive skin, and the size of the cloths (the 12"x12" size).

Skin Care products you’re currently using: Neutrogena Daily Face Scrub

Other Skin Care Tips: Wash your face at least 2 times per day – Morning and Night.

Skin type: Oily, acne-prone skin 

Favorite Cleanser & Moisturizer: I clean with coconut oil and a cucumber face wash that I purchase from 100% PURE. I moisturize with an oil I purchase from a seller on Etsy.

Other Skin Care Products: Once a week, I do a bentonite/apple cider vinegar mask and a ayurveda scrub mask from the company AnnMarie. All seems to be helping. 

Personal Skin care: bailey from indiana

The Best Washcloths for Sensitive Skin♥

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Personal Skin care: sTEVE from maryland

​​​​​​Skin type: Sensitive skin, redness, Rosacea

Why Fairface Washcloths:  I was so pleased with my experience with your products and am looking forward to making the full transition to only using the delicate washcloths!

I initially ordered your products soon after I was diagnosed with Rosacea. In the past few years, my skin has become very sensitive and has a great deal of redness. The delicate washcloths feel so wonderful on my skin and do not irritate my face when I am removing makeup.

Favorite Cleanser & Moisturizer: Cervae cleanser and moisturizer works extremely well and does not irritate my skin. It has some ingredients that I'm not too fond of, though, and I am working on finding 'cleaner' products. 

Other skin care needs: I am beginning to experience some fine lines and wrinkles, so I am looking into products that will assist with those issues as well! I recently ordered products from Beauty Counter. They seem to strike a great balance between products with effective results that use the least harmful ingredients possible.

Thank you for providing such quality products and for truly caring about your customers and their needs.

I really like you.

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Skin Type:  My skin type is combination, acne-prone and easily irritated. I've suffered from acne ever since my sophomore year in high school and my skin didn't start clearing up until last year. I am now a junior in college. From the past year, I've also realized my skin does not like certain natural or green ingredients that are perceived to be good for everyone's skin. My skin irritants are Lavender EO, Citrus EOs, Coconut Oil, Beeswax (?). 

What do you love about Fairface Washcloths: I LOVE Fairface Washcloths because it wasn't until I tried the cloths out 2 summers ago that I realize I have been abusing/irritating my skin with cheap, toxic face cloths. I never paid attention to face cloths because my mom would always buy them in bulk whenever she visits her home country. At the time, I was solely focused on spending money on skincare and makeup, totally overlooking the products I was drying/wiping my face with. I realized that no matter how expensive the face wash or how soothing the ingredients used, without a soft/gentle face cloth, all that does not matter. I also noticed that other cloths always left my skin red, which is caused by the stiff, rough fabrics in cheap, regular face cloths. I can hear my skin letting out a sigh of relief whenever I use Shannon's washcloths! It is worth the extra money because my skin will thank me in 30, 50 years!

Favorite Cleanser & Moisturizer:  I don't really have a "favorite cleanser" but I do enjoy using African Black Soap as it takes off my makeup and cleanses well. I make sure only to use a little since it lathers a lot and can be quite drying if so. My favorite moisturizer at the moment is Leahlani Skincare Bless Beauty balm (also an Etsy shop)!

Other skincare tips/favorites:  I use Olive Oil as a eye makeup remover and not only is it affordable, but it also works like a charm! Also, on days where I want to give my face a break, I would only moisturize with Jojoba Oil or Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp Seed Oil is amazing for sensitive skin. Sometimes when I forget to wash my makeup brushes, I would mix Hemp Seed Oil with my mineral foundation and create a luminous, tinted moisturizer which evens out my skin tone and makes my face glow!


Personal Skin care: debra from michigan

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Personal Skin care: Jennifer from New Jersey

Skin Type: Rosacea, very sensitive, dry skin

Favorite Skin Care Products: I like your washcloths very much. I try gentle products to reduce the redness. I make my own serum and moisturizer because all organic skin care have essential oil in it and I don't like it. Essential oil drys out my skin and if go outside on the sun after applying a product with lavender or any other essential oil my Rosacea worsens and it burns.

Other Skin Care Suggestions: I'm very passionate about health and natural skincare/remedies. I've been looking for DIY for Rosacea and other organic natural products without essential oils and I am still looking and trying things myself since I haven't found the miracle product. I currently make my own serum with Jojoba oil, seabuckthorn berry oil, sweet almond, apricot and marula oil. I recently switched to mango butter and shea butter.
I also wonder if vegetable glycerine is good or bad to mix with my skincare. I spray rose water on my face after i wash it. Love rose water.


Personal Skin care: marsha from connecticut

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