When you have Psoriasis I think you are so used to covering up physically, that you also hide mentally

Brittany Ineson: freelance writer, Blogger, & Ambassador for the National Psoriasis Foundation. copyrighted.

We recently had the privilege of meeting up with Brittany Ineson, an inspiring Brooklyn blogger for SeeingPSpots and Social Ambassador for the National Psoriasis Foundation, who candidly shared what it's like to live with Psoriasis. 

She opens up about the ups and downs of her personal struggles with Psoriasis, what she does to stay positive, as well as some of her favorite skin care tips and products, in hopes of helping others find their own strength.

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When were you first diagnosed with Psoriasis?
2014. In comparison, I'm very much a psoriasis baby but I've learned so much in such a short time it's incredible.

 What are your Psoriasis symptoms and how often do you have flares?
Everyone's symptoms are different depending on their type of psoriasis and how their body handles it. I tend to have long periods of flares once it starts but when my spots are gone they usually stay gone for anywhere up to a year! (I hope i didn't jinx it!)

>>>Be sure to check out Brittany's blog SeeingSpots to read more on her honest approach to life with Psoriasis! We are grateful to her for sharing her story and positive energy with us!

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living with psoriasis a personal story

Living with Psoriasis: Skin care + Life style and more

What does it mean to you, to be a Social Ambassador for the National Psoriasis Foundation?
Honestly, it saved my life in a lot of ways. When I was diagnosed, I felt lost and alone. When you have psoriasis I think you are so used to covering up physically, that you also hide mentally. Being a part of this foundation made me part of a community that understands and accepts me no matter what I look like. Spreading that love and awareness keeps me going.

Skin care is personal and everyone's story is as unique as they are. Living with Psoriasis can be particularly difficult, especially if you feel alone and without a source of support.

How does having Psoriasis affect your personal life?
The first or second flares really had an impact on me. I was depressed and it was hard to snap out of. Remember this is something you are literally facing every day. But now, I brush off the stares and chatter, and just focus on taking care of my body. If someone doesn't want to get to know me on the inside just because of what is on the outside then they weren't worth knowing anyway.

How do you cope with your hard days?
I always reach out to a friend if I can. Especially if it's a fellow "spoonie". That's what we call people with chronic illnesses. 

how to cope and live with psoriasis


What skin care products do you use for your Psoriasis-prone skin?  
I use a lot of medicated creams and ointments from my doctor. But anything with Tar is my favorite. It smells exactly how it sounds but it's done wonders for my skin. My face always seems to be the toughest. A gentle face wash or * Tar soap bar is my go-to but what I applied it with was always a challenge. Most cloths are very abrasive and irritate my skin further. I recently discovered Fairface Washcloths and I'll never go back. They're smooth against my skin and they get the job done. It's so important to think of everything that's touching your skin when you have a flare.

How can Fairface Washcloths be beneficial to those with Psoriasis?
Personally, they have thoroughly cleaned my skin just like a washcloth would but without the harsh rubbing. The Fairface Washcloths lather up well without all the irritation.

Are there any medical treatments you have found effective for Psoriasis?
UV therapy is amazing. Everyone's skin is different but this has actually worked the best for me.

What advice do you have for others with Psoriasis?
Take care of yourself inside and out. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, so treating your body well and being aware of what goes on inside your body is just as important as what goes on the outside. People often forget this. Yoga, meditation, clean eating - these are all amazing things that have changed my life. As far as what your body looks like and how people react to it, take it in stride. It's hard for people to accept what they don't understand. Take a deep breath and ignore the stares. If you act like it's not a big deal then people tend to feed off of that energy.

Anything else you'd like to add:
If you are dealing with psoriasis I always tell people to reach out to fellow sufferers. It's OK to ask for help or vent to someone. It's even OK to have a bad day but just keep calm and spot on!

who enjoys writing, meditation, skydiving, and crocheting in her spare time

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