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  • ​Use with your favorite cleanser

  • Sizes 9"x9" & XL: 12"x12" for optimal coverage and comfort

  • ​Convenient sets of 2+ and larger packages

  • Washable and reusable

For Best Results:

  • Use a fresh, clean Fairface™  washcloth for each use

  • Cleanse gently without scrubbing

  • Use a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin when possible

  • Avoid using with products containing bleaching agents with Fairface Dark washcloths

  • Hang to dry completely after use

Easy Product Care:

  • Wash and dry on coolest settings to maintain flannel’s softness

  • Wash with like colors, keeping dark washcloths and white washcloths separate

  • DO NOT bleach Fairface™ Darks

Proudly made in the USA in a suburb of Seattle, WA

Fairface Washcloths Darks - Soft Black Flannel Size 12x12


Did you know you can actually age your skin by not washing every night? Dermatologists recommend using a soft, cotton face cloth for daily facial cleansing to remove the oil, dirt, pollutants and make-up from your skin. 

Washing with harsh textures can create micro-tears in the skin which result in redness and inflammation. Our soft, gentle washcloths won't leave your face red and irritated after washing, like textured washcloths can. Gentle cleansing of sensitive skin is vital to keeping it healthy.

Recommended for: 
Our washcloths are made with sensitive skin in mind, though they are loved by all skin types. Our washcloths are gentle enough for those with easily irritated skin, including Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Acne, and other sensitive skin conditions such as skin that is damaged, healing skin, or changing due to hormone fluxuations or medical conditions.

Nothing left behind, but clean skin™

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*ATTN International Customers:

please purchase through our Etsy Shop.


  • Made with high-end black soft, soothing imported 100% cotton flannel front​ AND back for double the softness.​

  • Gentle option for sensitive skin​ with soft, smooth turned edges and no scratchy seams

  • No make-up stains left behind.

Best Dark Face cloth for sensitive skin
Fairface Washcloths Darks - Soft Black Flannel Size 9x9

With our NEW Fairface™ Darks 

say goodbye to make-up stains, 
& hello
to healthy,

clean, beautiful skin!​

​​​Our soft, gentle, skin-calming face flannels are better than

anything you've ever used against your skin. 

Fairface ™  Darks

      The ultimate soft, black face cloth

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The Best Washcloths for Sensitive Skin♥