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Ultra Gentle Washcloth 

for even the most sensitive skin

Softest washcloths for your face Fairface Packages
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Sensitive skin soft washcloths

Soft, soothing, gentle washcloths & face cloths

for calm, beautiful, radiant skin

Washcloths for face washing - only soft will do - Fairface Combo sets

fairface Originals​ 


Made with two sides of our soft,  plush signature flannel for a gentle, skin calming wash for even the most delicate skin.

Black washcloth for your face - soft make-up remover cloths - Fairface Darks

how fairface™ washcloths can help your sensitive skin:

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Sensitive Skin Best Washcloths Fairface Originals

Your Sensitive Skin Never Looked So Good!

Soft & Scrubby all-in-one

Our dual-purpose washcloth is made with our soft, plush signature flannel & absorbent terrycloth, for smooth softness & a little scrub when needed.

about fairface washcloths for sensitive skin:

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Best All-in-One Dual Washcloth

for sensitive skin

what sets us apart:

"These washcloths are miraculous! I have very sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. These are very best cloths I have found -- and I've tried ones that cost 5 times as much (facial chamois, Japanese microfiber, you name it)! The flannel side provides gentle cleansing -- and exfoliation that will NOT irritate the face. (Most exfoliants aggravate skin conditions). The terrycloth side cleans the body without causing irritation. The low price means you can use a fresh one every time you wash, which is KEY for avoiding breakouts. I've been using mine for months. After many washes, they still look new! The seller is a joy to buy from, prompt and gracious. Will definitely buy again."
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Many happy customers have shared how Fairface Washcloths have improved the look and feel of their sensitive skin almost immediately! The beauty of the soothing, non-irritating flannel, is that it gives sensitive skin time to calm and heal, stopping the vicious cycle of inflammation, redness and irritation with each wash.

Please note that it is important to pair your Fairface Washcloths with a gentle facial cleanser, avoiding abrasive ingredients, chemicals, and fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin and always seek advice from a licensed skin care professional for any skin care concerns.

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​Often, many face cloths intended for sensitive skin still contain irritating textures, too harsh and abrasive for tender skin. Fairface Washcloths are designed to be gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin by using only the finest, 100% cotton, skin calming, soft flannel. We also take extra care and attention in our design and creation of each washcloth to ensure there are no scratchy seams or rough edges.  No irritating textures.  Just smooth softness for sensitive faces.

Our gentlest option: Fairface Delicate Washcloths with double-sided flannel,  are made with even the most delicate skin in mind, so that washing doesn't cause additional redness and irritation, but instead, is a gentle, skin-calming experience. Our Original Fairface Washcloths, (known as the ultimate all-in-one washcloth and face cloth for sensitive skin) contain the same soothing, skin-calming flannel,  and also have a 100% cotton terry cloth backing, for a little scrub as needed.  

Read more about the creation of Fairface Washcloths for sensitive skin​

The Best Washcloths for Sensitive Skin♥


Fairface™ Darksthe ultimate soft black face cloth!

Fairface Washcloths are gentle, soothing washcloths and face cloths made exclusively for men and women of all ages, with sensitive skin.  Our smooth, soft 100% cotton signature flannel provides a gentle, irritant-free cleansing experience. No harsh textures, just smooth softness for delicate faces. Additionally, our washcloths do not contain any cleansers or chemicals and are fully washable and reusable.

For many with sensitive skin, even washing gently with regular washcloths can cause redness and irritation, but with Fairface™ Washcloths, each wash is ultra-soft, soothing and gentle without irritation. Fairface Washcloths are gentle enough for those with ultra sensitive skin conditions such as Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne, Psoriasis, overall sensitive skin and more.​​